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This site is dedicated to our community's fight against cancer. Over ten years ago, a small group of women set out to do something big for a friend. That first crop turned into this annual event to raise money for The Foundation of FirstHealth's Cancer CARE Fund.

Through scrapbooking, we have raised money, met new friends and shared our stories of fighting this disease. Together, we can ensure that the people in our community get the care and support they need through their journey. Each year we continue the tradition and welcome new faces to help us in big ways!

We are amazed and blessed every day to see your donations, time and your excitement about spending the day with us. Thank you for the continued support, we look forward to seeing you all in 2021!

Cut Out Cancer Crop Committee

where your money goes

You can support The Foundation of FirstHealth year round with a personal donation. Consider this option if you cannot join us live!


Ruth Lyman Watkins vision began with the Cancer CARE Fund.

Established in 2000, the Cancer CARE Fund was the first of The Foundation of FirstHealth’s Community CARE (Clinical, Advocacy, Resources and Education) Funds. Each of these Funds provides support, hope, and safe passage for patients and their families.

Last year, the Cancer CARE Fund aided more 350 patients with 46 different types of cancer from 15 counties in North and South Carolina. The patients received the assistance necessary to manage their cancer diagnoses and overcome common barriers to timely and appropriate care. Learn more.

Your generosity can help cancer patients and their families deal with the many challenges of fighting and living with cancer. Here are just a few of the ways your donation can help:

  • $25 - Assists with medication co-payments and affords medications that are not covered by patients' insurance

  • $50 - Provides needed medical supplies, equipment and other services and support

  • $75 - Purchases wigs/prosthesis/mastectomy bras/scarves and nutritional supplements $100 - Subsidizes average patient transportation costs for treatments and related appointments

  • $150 - Contributes towards funding of a program coordinator

For new croppers, your support of this cause will allow us continue to fight cancer and help families deal with the basic things they need as they help their loved ones battle this disease. Your time, money spent at the event and donations given are 100% used towards families in our community through the Foundation.